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IN 2017 the second accomodation block got built and the first block had a floor put in, piping and toilets and showers.

A generator was hired to pump water to the tower and test all the piping and toilets.2018 we hope to put a ceiling in the first block and buy furniture such as beds.

IN 2018  we are hoping that Rotary or a similar generous donor will build a workshop at a cost of £6,000. This will enable the future orphans to learn skills but also allow unemployed local youths to learn a trade and maybe some will be employed here.

  Second accomodation block being built                          First block with new windows                                           Two accomodation blocks

orphanage compresses         ist block compressed            2 accom blocks compressed   

First Accomodation block awaiting plastering                          Piping                                                      Plastering

windows comp      piping comp        plas comp                                                             

  Plastering                                                                       Septic Tank                                               Toilets                                       Soakaway

plaster comp         septic tank comp     toilets comp     soakaway comp                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Finished toilet

                 toilet and pipe comp