Milk Sponsorship

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Milk  And Breakfast Club Sponsorship

The supply of milk has recently been introduced.

All the pupils have lunch at school. This is basic but balanced (for further information, please see under ‘school dinners’ on main menu.

This is the main source of nutrition for many of the pupils and certainly for then very poorest.

Despite this, there is concern that the  diet for many is barely adequate. Several children have been found to be anaemic and this has been put down to poor diet.

This being the case, the Board of Governors decided to introduce the daily provision of milk. This costs approx. £30 per annum, and is an extra cost which the school is trying to absorb.

Parents who are able to contribute are asked to. The poorer families and especially the sponsored children, are unable to pay, and so need help.

It is hoped that this will lead to a general improvement in nutrition and health.


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Breakfast Club

It was found many of the children walk several miles to school each day from the farms before they meet the road and can catch the school bus. Many had left very early,  school starts  at 8am.They had not had breakfast and some had not had a meal since the school dinner the day before. You cannot concentrate on school work when hungry so in 2013 Horbury and Ossett Rotary club donated money to run a breakfast club. It cost £30 a year to supply a child with nutritious porridge each morning. The headmaster has seen a big improvement in the pupils and the charity has continued this for 40


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