Breakfast Club Sponsorship

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January 2013 saw the start of the ‘KAG’ breakfast club. It had long been a concern of the head teacher,Harrison, and the trustees, that many pupils were arriving at school early in the morning having eaten nothing since the previous day. They generally rise at 4.30 to 5am, have a long journey to school , sometimes walking all the way, and sometimes walking a considerable distance to catch the school bus. They arrive at 7 to 7.30,with the main meal of the day given at 12.30. With an empty stomach ,the difficulty of having enthusiasm for lessons and education cannot be overestimated.

40 pupils who would benefit from breakfast have been identified and are being given a bowl of maize porridge before school starts.

This has been made possible by a donation of £500 from Horbury and Ossett Phoenix Rotary Club, and will fund the club for 1 year. It is to be hoped that this will improve the general wellbeing of the most deprived children and enable them to profit more from the education offered.

If successful, it will be a priority of the trustees to secure funding to enable it to be continued.

You can sponsor a child at the Breakfast Club for just £30 a year

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