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In 2013, the headmaster of our school Mr. Harrison Kamere, expressed his serious concern regarding the predicament of orphans in the district. He had had a general concern for many years, but this had come to a head when two of his own pupils had lost their parents, grandparents, and other near relatives. In particular, one boy who had been noted to be absent from school, was found living ‘rough’ in the bush.

There are some orphanages in the area, needed because of the high death rate of parents, as a result of the high prevalence of illnesses such as Aids, TB and malaria . Many of these are run by European charities and are not 'African' according to Harrison. The children are living in a European environment and not learning skills to survive in the harsh environment outside once they are adults.

Harrison and a few like minded friends got together and with help from us formulated the idea to build an orphanage with workshops, animals and areas to grow food. The children would go to local schools and learn trades such as animal husbandry and agriculture. See section on 'orphanage' for updates.

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 The land                                                                                                                   The water tower over the well