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2016 Horbury and Ossett Phoenix Rotary Club were interested in using a new type of spectacles which were were self adjusting, and therefore would not need the services of an optician. THese were not quite ready on our departure, so Jim decided, with the help of Ruth an Optician from York Rotary club, to run some eye testing clinics to test the need  for spectacles ,and problems in eye health care in Kenya. Ruth kindly gave Jim 160 pairs of recycled and graded spectacles. The three clinics Jim ran showed a great demand as spectacles were too pricey for most Kenyans. In other words, many people from age 30 onwards were unable to read, sew and do fine work,clearly interfering with their ability to earn a living.

One of the sessions was held in a very poor area, where most of the people had never been to school and so did not speak any English. A translator therefore had to be used  to make testing possible. Rosemary used her limited kiswahili to give out the appropriate spectacles.

All recipients were delighted!

Distance Chart                                                            Jim testing with lenses                  A happy recipient Rose given spectacles according to Jim's prescription

spect spectacles  spectacles 2

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