Living in a mud hut

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A mud house, as the name suggests, is built using mud. Some stones are also used. When a person wants to build a mud house, the first step is to find clay soil, dig it out then mix is with some water until it becomes thick. Then the person lays the foundations using poles or sticks held together using ropes. Then the person builds the mud house and after it is complete he leaves it for three days to dry. The final step is to thatch the roof using grass or makuti.

A mud house provides shelter from wind and rain. It also protects people from wild and dangerous animals. Although, this house has got its advantages; it has also got its disadvantages. Some of them are like: they are easily destroyed by rain water, they are used for a temporary period, that is, they do not last for more than ten years. Most of the houses are feeble and can easily be carried by floods.

These types of house are mostly found in Africa. They have got an African origin. Though there are modern houses, some people opt to live in mud houses because they are either poor or they just want to maintain their culture

Written by

Khalfan Mt’sumi

Std. 8

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