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Fishing is the act of getting fish from water. This can be done through different methods, but in this case we shall look at the traditional part of it. Traditionally the fisherman gets a long stick which can bend easily but hard to break.

He ties a string on it and fixes a hook on the string. He then sets a bait on the hook and lowers it in the river as he holds the stick. The most common baits used are, termites, snails and some food left overs.

As soon as the fish goes to the bait the stick will be pulled down, an indication that it’s a lucky day for the fisherman,. He then pulls out the stick with strength so as not to lose the fish back into the water. This is not a quick way of getting fish nor is a method you expect to get more fish. If it’s your lucky day then you will be sure that at least your family will have something to smile about. It is also risky as the farmer is exposed to dangerous animals along the banks of the river and one of them being the snake which I bet most of us fear, that is including you the reader!

Written by

Abdullah Suleiman

Std. 7