Fetching water

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Human beings usually fetch water mainly in wells and rivers. In villages people fetch water in wells. They make a long rope and tie a bucket at the end of the rope. They then throw the bucket down and they get water.

The well is dug very deep. Other people fetch water in rivers. They just go with their bucket and fetch water because in rivers the water flows naturally.

In wells, some people throw their rubbish. This is bad because they can destroy the people’s health. Thus causing outbreaks of diseases such as cholera.

In some rivers there are crocodiles which are dangerous for human beings. The crocodiles sometimes eat human beings when they see them fetching water.

People throw rubbish too in rivers, they go there to wash their clothes and they throw the dirty water in the river.

In rivers, when the people go there to fetch water, the water sometimes is flooded and the people will drown hence causing death.

In wells, because it is very steep some people might fall down and die there. I would like to encourage the people to take care of the water since we cannot live without water

Written by

Zayhab Mzee

Std. 8

woman in riverwatercarriers

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