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Latest Sad News April 2018

We returned from a very successful trip to Kenya on Thursday having done eye tests on over 150 people and given out 140 pairs of  recycled spectacles. Rosemary took three groups of girls, teaching them how to make washable reusable sanitary wear, and another group of women from Samburu who travelled for 2 hours to get to the school for a day of tuition.

On the way to the airport the huge destruction of houses ,shops and other building brought us to tears.  It looked like a war zone, many houses cut in half ,even an appartment block left hanging dangerously. We had seen some of this in Ukunda town near our hotel and had been told that the ministry of transport had in the 70'S earmarked the road for expansion and apparently compensated people. There is no dispute that the road needs to be built and in the long term will bring jobs but it is sad that no one thought to make sure no one built within the 25 foot road edge. The buildings were marked with a cross and within 24 hours demolished ,not giving the occupants  time to remove the walls themselves so blocks could be reused.

We were told on Wednesday our Nursery school would have its boundary wall and trees removed which was expected . It had been built in the year 2000 a considerable distance from the road edge so we were safe or so we believed. Late Thursday afternoon ,after we had arrived home,in the UK, Harrison our headmaster, informed us that a cross for demolition had been put on the classroom nearest the road. This was quite different to what had been previously told. Early in the morning Harrison went to the school to move desks and the blackboard and pleaded with the constructors to give us 24 hours to remove the floor ( newly tiled recently ) and the walls and roof so they could be reused for rebuilding. This was refused and the bulldozer destroyed the school which had been used for 18 years.

The other 2 classrooms are more or less intact, and we will have to use them next week when the school goes back . In the long term, however, it is clearly unsafe for a Nursery School to be next to a widened major road. We have therefore decided to rebuild the Nursery School on the Primary site which is well away from the road and where it is quieter and safer. This will cost approximately £10,000.

We are happy to announce that we have already got pledges of over £1,000 but there is still a long way to go.

As you can imagine any donations would be appreciated and immediately put to use.

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 The church building was saved . Look at how much land was taken. They left the foundations and a large tree in front of the building. They have now started to build the new road and it goes no where near even the wall they demolished. This was done with no compensation leaving 3 and 4 year olds exposed to a busy road.


Thanks to the very generous donations from friends and sponsors a new 3 classroom nursery was built in 3 months on the site of the primary School well away from the road.

Prayers at the foundations of new Nursery School

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Graduation takes place each November when children in kindergarten class 3 graduate to Primary School. Also children who are in class 8 take Kenyan exams to proceed to Secondary School and they leave KAG School and so graduate. This is a great celebration and gowns are hired a cake is bought and certificates given. Some years important people are invited and in 2016 the local politicians came.

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APRIL 2019

We returned from a very successful trip to Kenya in April This year we travelled with 2 Rotarian friends Gill and Bob. This year we did 4 sessions of eye testing  on over 190 people and gave away nearly 200 pairs of  recycled spectacles. Rosemary  and Gill took one group of 25  girls, teaching them how to make washable reusable sanitary wear. This was in a local Secondary school where 3 of our former students were attending. Each girl were thrilled to go home with a rucksack, flannel, bags to put in clean and soiled items and a full kit plus what they had made. All these items had been made or donated by sponsors in the UK and USA. We were pleased to receive thanks from the headmistress who said we were an inspiration to her girls.

After the sad situation of the demolition of 1 of our Nursery classrooms in order to widen the road,  we can inform you that, as expected,  the road is going no where near the classroom destroyed and the church has not had to remove its porch. We have however started to adapt the 2 remaining classrooms into accomodation blocks for the older boys who board. This will avoid the school paying rent and a new toilet, washroom and well have been built. The whole site has now been fenced. see photo.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of many friends and sponsors a new 3 classroom Nursery opened in September last year on the Primary site. This was able to be done thanks to a parent of a child at KAG School who sold the school some land at a very good price which gave enough room for the Nursery to be built.

It is looking very good with a tiled floor and new desks thanks to Horbury and Ossett Rotary Club. 

The government in Kenya has just introduced a new curriculum in Nursery Schools and has said that no formal teaching should be done until Kindergarten 1 and 2. The youngest class should just play. This seemed strange to the Kenyan teachers but they were very fortunate because Gill is a consultant teacher in the UK specialising in Early learning and she was able to give expert advice. We tried to move the teachers away from the TV and get the children to learn through play. We all went shopping in Mombasa to buy what we could to help. Gill with our help set up play stations in the classroom. She set up sand, water, paint, play dough, jigsaw and games, skittles stations and we had taken out a hopscotch some balls bean bags and skipping ropes. Unfortunately the quality of toys in Kenya was poor , chinese plastic and will not last long we will have to take out better quality next year. To complete the play facilities a sponsor had donated money for some swings a roundabout and a slide to be built while we were there in Ukunda and they were delivered before we came home.

 The Old Nursery

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Demolished Classroom            Remaining classrooms adapted for Accomodation     Classroom adapted awaiting beds  because of the split level a bar is put so the house      

                                                                                                                                      mother can see all the boys at  one time and it has 2 separate doors

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New Accomodation finished

The Nursery School

IMG 3698  IMG 0451    IMG 0459  IMG 0453  IMG 0460  


New Nursery                                                    Sand Station                                                                 Play Dough Station                                              Water

IMG 0374  IMG 0375  IMG 0488  IMG 0489  IMG 0490

Jigsaws                             Animal dominoes             Come and Count                                 Come and Paint                                         Come and play Skittles

                  IMG 6422                         

                              In School eye testing

      IMG 6460IMG 6459

Days for Girls

                IMG 0497                    IMG 0503               IMG 0502

                            Explanation by Gill and Rosemary                              Girls pinning and tackiing