Children's Letters

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KAG School – My Day – Standard 6

As my daily routine, I wake up as early as five o’clock in the morning. Without dilly dallying, I pray and iron my uniform. I take my bath and put on my neat ironed uniform. The aroma of breakfast always catches my attention as I put on my uniform. After that, I take my delicious breakfast that my mother prepares, by the way, she is a very good cook.

I go to the bus stop at six o’clock. The vehicles always delay on the road, waiting for passengers, but I always arrive at school early. I don’t just sit doing nothing when I arrive, I take a book, and have my studies till seven o’clock, when everybody arrives.

A teacher comes in class and starts teaching. It is always Mathematics, English or Kiswahili subjects. The teacher gives us some work to do and gets out of the class. We sing and praise God in our class. We also have prayers for helping us start the day peacefully.

We start our lessons at eight o’clock. We normally have two lessons then break. After that, we have two other lessons, then the second break.   During breaktime, I take my snacks and enjoy myself. I also play with my friends. The lessons always take thirty five minutes. The break is always thirty minutes. After that we have two lessons then lunch.

During lunchtime, we always go to the dining hall and have our lunch. The food is as sweet as honey, but little sometimes. I always thank God for the food, although it’s little. We have a whole hour to play and do whatever we want to do. I always play with my friends all the time.

After the lunch break, we go into our respective classes. We have three lessons then the last break which starts at 3.30 pm and ends at 4.30 pm. The lower primary school go home at that time. I always enjoy this break more than the other breaks. I eat some crisps and play as much as I want. At that time, we sometimes have debate. We also have guidance and counselling where we are guided on how to live.

We go back to our classes and have three last lessons. I always enjoy these lessons more than the others. They start at 4.30 pm, and end at 6.30 pm which is the time for going home. The school bus always waits for us outside our classes. After the lessons, the other pupils and I board the bus and go home. Some walk on foot.

I always reach home at seven o’clock, I take my super and have my studies. After that I go to sleep at 9 o’clock, and that’s enough for the day.

Cindy Chumbe