A Day in the Life of a Kenyan School

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KAG School started as and still is a nonprofit making school. It started back in the year 2000.This happened after Mrs. Rosemary Donnan took the challenge and presented it to St Michaels church Emley (Please refer to earlier page on History of KAG Nursery & primary school). As a result a small group from the church decided to fund raise, along with the Wakefield Diocese’s millennium appeal and raised some money for classes. They managed to raise the money to build 3 classes for a Nursery School and our dream was realized.

kteachers 517 388 100The school started with 15 pupils and 1 teacher. The setting up of the school was a big challenge considering the poverty level of the feeder community and the attitude towards formal education at that time. Nevertheless the pioneers did not lose hope, and we now have 11 classes that cater for Kindergarten One to primary eight. We also have an administration block and we are in the process of building a KAG Community library. Currently we have 19 teachers, 4 non teaching staff and 345 pupils. What a milestone! Thanks for the assistance and support from our donors!

The school charges the lowest possible fees to cover costs. This currently is 3500 Kshs per term or 10500 Kshs per year. Added to this there are food and transport costs. As small as this sum is, many parents are unable to pay anything. Due to this our UK partners have solicited funds to sponsor desks at £30 and supporting poor children at £150 p.a.17100 Kshs.This has contributed a lot to development of education in the community since poor children from poor families are affording good and quality education, unlike the situation seen in government sponsored schools which are overcrowded, have fewer classes and which are understaffed. This leads to low morale for pupils and teachers and very poor academic results and performance in many schools.

Normally In primary school a day starts at 7am and ends at 4:30pm (Mon-Fri). In this case a child has 7 lessons per day. It might look a long day but if not well managed the teacher may not cover the wide syllabus. In KAG school our day starts at 7am and ends at 6:45pm (Mon-Fri) and 7am-3:30pm) on Saturdays in primary section. This gives us time to cover the syllabus fully and to do a lot of extra practice with our children. This can only happen due to the devotion and hard work from our staff and management, and has resulted in good performances in the examination and especially in the final National exams for standard 8. In the Kindergarten, the school day starts at 8am and ends at 3:30pm. (Please find the time table of the activities in both Kinder and Primary)

p teachers 517 388 100A healthy Nation must start with a health community and in this case a healthy child. In KAG School we provide porridge in the morning, a balanced lunch and of late we have introduced a milk feeding program. We believe for the education to be enjoyable the child must not be hungry. We encourage support of a daily packet of milk at £25 p.a. per child.

Additionally, in conjunction with the UK group, we have started distributing Mosquito nets to the community to eradicate the killer disease of malaria. Unlike in the government sector when occasionally there is a small campaign, for example, giving nets to pregnant women, we give,

fix ,educate and follow up to ensure their proper use. We also encourage support of mosquito net at £5 per child. To sum up, we have seen fruits of our efforts since pupil absenteeism in school due to malaria has reduced hence we have uninterrupted learning environment.

Apart from curricular activities we also have co-curricular activities. We play football, Netball, Volleyball, (Both boys and girls).We also have drama, music, and scout clubs. This year we are representing our district at provincial level which will be held in Mombasa in Choral and Solo poems as we have done in previous years.

We normally raise the flag on Mondays and Fridays. This is normally conducted by the scouts with their usual drill and entertainment.

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